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Direct Mailing Postcards Make Good Marketing Sense

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Direct mail marketing postcards are a reliable and economical way to get your brand noticed. Whether you are running a small business or have a chain of stores, direct mail is a viable option to increase your product awareness. Working closely with a reliable marketing company responsible for distributing direct mail postcards could be the push your company needs to get your brand in the homes of all your potential clients.
Pros of Direct Mail Marketing
  • Reaching your target market
    When you employ a reputable marketing company with experience in direct mail postcards and mailings, you can be sure you will reach your target market. Reliable mailing companies have already done all the research to find out where your potential clients are.

  • Reach more people
    Believe it or not, there are still a large number of homes with no personal computer or Internet connection. Direct mailing postcards will allow you to reach these people as well as the ones that might not have the time, or desire to do lengthy Internet searches. Though you may have a website, your potential clients may not necessarily access it.

  • Cost effective and budget friendly options
    Regardless of your marketing budget, you will be able to find a direct mail campaign that works for you. Postcards are the least expensive as a general rule, however if you have a little more to spend you could add a product sample to your mailing. In your consultation with a top direct mailing company, discuss all of the options available in your budget range. You are sure to find something that is cost effective and will produce results.

  • Coupons and "Bring It In's”
    Direct mail advertising postcards allow many options to increase brand recognition. Consumers enjoy coupons, and in this era of tighter budgets, more and more people are using them. Adding a coupon to your direct mail postcard, or an ad that offers a gift or complimentary service when the client brings the ad in, can serve more than one purpose. Getting your brand out there is key, but offering a service, gift or coupon will also let you know how many people are actually taking advantage of your direct mail ads when they are redeemed. This will help in future direct mail campaigns, as you will have an idea where your efforts worked already, and give you the opportunity to offer a different ad in those areas and target other areas with your original campaign.

  • People still enjoy receiving mail
    Let's face it: people still enjoy getting mail. Going to the mailbox and having something in there to read can be rewarding to some. Studies show that most people check their mailboxes daily. An eye-catching direct mail advertising postcard can pique the receivers interest and go a long way toward developing a great client relationship.
There are still so many advantages to using direct mail advertising for your businesses marketing. Working together with a reliable mailing company will ensure your advertising budget sees a return on your investment.

Opportunity Can Knock, But It Can Also Hang, Too

Not reaching your targeted audience properly? Do you want to create leads for your business that will turn into investments? Then you might want to invest in Direct Mail Advertising! Direct mail advertising ensures that you get your message to the right people at the right time. Read on to find out how direct mail advertising will help your advertising campaigns.

The simple principles of advertising are that the more people that are in your audience the higher chance of getting clients and leads. Delivery service and postal mail are still in the high, while people getting their bills delivered as well as other products they buy over the phone or online. Direct Mail Advertising allows you to have control on who you intend to send your message to. It would be wrong to send a promo message regarding make-up to a male audience. With direct mail advertising you can segregate who you send a certain message to.

Direct mail advertising is simple. First things first is you need to come up with quality content to send in the mail. This should properly explain your type of business and product which should also be straight forward. It is important to include details of your business and which channels they can use to contact you. It is recommended to include your business address, telephone number, email-address, and also social media platform accounts.

You now need a directory to send your messages to. This can come from newsletter sign ups or registration forms found on your website or company archives that you have of existing clients. Companies like Front Door Advertising can also compile a mailing list consisting of a specific demographic, resulting in a precise and successful advertising campaign.

Direct mail advertising is a perfect way to connect with your target market. It is a cost efficient way of advertising that won’t affect your monthly budget and requires minimal supervision over the whole process. If you are not hitting your monthly targets and interaction between you and your audience is at a low you might want to consider direct mail advertising. Get your message delivered efficiently, quickly, and noticed.

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising has long been used to generate sales leads for many companies. This type of advertising can be tailor made to market any company, regardless of what industry they are in. This is one of the reasons direct mail advertising is so widely used in the business world.


The key to running a successful direct mail advertising campaign is to target it to those specific consumers that a company thinks is most likely to purchase their goods or services. Targeted mailings can help a company save time and money when it comes to reaching those that could benefit the most from it.


The best way for a company to generate new sales leads through direct mail advertising is for the company to send out a letter that is personalized and signed. This makes it more likely to get the attention of its recipients because it doesn’t look like junk mail, but rather something that is worth opening and reading.


Personalized letters used in direct mail advertising campaigns need to include a proposition and call to action to motivate the person to check out the company’s products or services. A week after the letter is sent the company that sent it should place a follow up phone call to each direct mail recipient.


Direct mail advertising campaigns can also be used to retain a company’s customers and turn them into repeat customers. Companies must make their customers feel compelled to purchase from them repeatedly.



Direct Mail Marketing amid Digital Marketing

With the inception of internet technology, digital marketing has become a very customary procedure these days. Internet marketing is no longer an uncommon way of marketing and generating leads to attract customers into the business. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become a feasible venue, not to mention the ease and convenience of emailing and blogging as a way of reaching out to the large generation of internet-savvy customers. With this advancement in technology, such typical practice as direct mail postcards to potential customers may seem to be already a thing of the past and have no more room in this age of digital advertising. However, studies show that still a substantial number of sales can be attributed to direct mail campaigns.

Several companies still continue to find direct mail advertising campaigns an irreplaceable tool to generate leads and sales. However, after sending tens of thousands of mailers, these companies are plagued with difficulties determining the results and measuring the value of their efforts in direct mail advertising. Therefore, a clear understanding of a well-designed system and that also monitors results must be carried out by companies to be able to track the volume, amount and quality of results generated to effectively integrate it in their marketing plans.

Although digital marketing is a faster way of reaching potential customers, it is rather distant and impersonal. Direct mail marketing, however, can become an invaluable tool of getting your marketing literature directly into the hand of the consumers. Moreover, direct mailing post cards, for example, can be tailored to be able to target a specific market plus more personal touches can be added to make each piece of mail unique to further capture the recipient’s attention, thus increases the chance of sales.

With direct mail marketing, companies can connect to potential customers who are more disposed at availing the products or services offered. In contrast, digital marketing which depend wholly on internet traffic can likely reach nonspecific visitors who are more likely not keen of buying. A well-designed mailing list can help select the right audience for the marketing campaign by categorizing the target markets according to demographics or behavior or age or gender, for instance.

In several instances, a substantial number of potential customers, especially for small businesses are not internet and computer savvy. Marketing through direct mail reaches out to that segment, which ordinarily does not have access to the internet. Although most customers may probably be using the internet, building a website does not guarantee of frequent visit to the site or a sale. With direct mail, direct message can be communicated to a specific market for a more dependable lead and sales opportunity.

Notwithstanding the disapprovals on the cost of direct mail marketing campaigns as compared digital marketing, direct mail campaigns may still prove to be a cost-effective way of getting the message to the target customer. Sending direct mail post cards, brochures or letters give that opportunity of spending within budget. Sales growth can be realized by sending promotional offers in time for holidays or other milestones of the customers like birthdays or anniversaries, on a regular basis.

Amid the digital advertising age, direct mail still offers many advantages that other marketing channels do not. However, the success of any direct mail promotion campaign is also greatly dependent of a well-designed system. Hiring a company to take care of your direct mail marketing needs, in this instance, can be advantageous.